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Why Prepare?

It isn’t really such a stretch to consider preparing for a terrorist attack on American soil. We have already been attacked once and the terrorists brag that they intend to attack again. While I would like to believe that our Homeland Security procedures will keep us safe, and indeed, I do believe that there have definitely been success stories related to thwarted terrorist attacks, I also know that in order to continue to be successful, the national security experts must get it right every single time. A terrorist or terrorist organization only has to get it right once.

As one who buys health insurance, life insurance, auto insurance and the like, it seems consistent to “buy some terrorism insurance” - so to speak. I do not count on getting sick, having a car accident or dying anytime soon, but I purchase the insurance nonetheless in order to make sure that my family is protected in case of unexpected emergencies and disasters.

Having lived through the 2004 hurricane season here in Florida, I realize how quickly we can lose things that we count on everyday for our survival. Careful planning and preparation are the best antidotes to panic in emergency situations. I realize that everyone is busy with his or her own life and, for many, this idea of preparing seems overwhelming at best.

This is why we have created this Conference-- to help you focus on the things that are most necessary in the time of disaster and emergencies, and to direct you to resources that can help you prepare and protect your family and loved ones if the unthinkable happens.

We do not present this Conference to spark fear - rather, to provide confidence that we as a community are ready to successfully face what the future holds for us. Information, knowledge, education – these have always been the foundations for competent and successful individuals and societies.

Let’s prepare together and boldly walk into our future with the strength and assurance that we as Americans have always exercised in this great country. ~~~ Kathy

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Should People of Faith Prepare for Acts of Terror Against America? 

More and more, America is being faced with the possibility of another attack on her soil by enemies of freedom. It could be nuclear, biological or chemical. There are increasing numbers of radical Islamic sleeper cells forming while Americans sleep. Sept 11, 2001 caught us unaware. Of course, we now have Homeland Security working to increase our protection, but let’s face it, we are an open, free, society; and it is not hard to get past our security in the name of political correctness. We have amongst us known and outspoken enemies who daily proclaim their desire to destroy us along with other democratic, free societies, like Israel.

What should we do as people of faith? Pray? Yes! Prepare? Yes! We need to prepare our hearts to stand firm in our faith in the face of the constant pressure of the world to compromise our beliefs, but also we need to prepare in the event of another attack against our country by militant terrorists.

What would we do as people of faith in the event of a terrorist attack? We are familiar with disaster relief organizations like Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, Red Cross, Salvation Army, and Samaritan’s Purse who step into a disaster area and assist people with food, water, counseling and shelter. These organizations can assist because they are coming from outside the disaster event area. What would we do if there was no hope of someone coming in to help? What if a terrorist attack wiped out cities where our government, security, financial, communication, and energy centers were?

What if there would not be emergency services coming to help?

What if there was no one to fix the electrical grids or reestablish our water system?

What if our transportation systems were shut down due to destroyed road, roads under attack, or just unavailability of fuel?

The question is, “What should people of faith do to prepare for such an event?” We could just pray and keep going about our business, trying to make a living and raising our children and preparing for our retirement. Then if we are attacked, we can assess our resources and see what we will do to survive and help our neighbors. Most of us don’t think past the next month’s needs or the next grocery shopping day. There will be others also who didn’t prepare, and they will have great needs. Some will not be people of faith, and they will be searching for answers and hope in the midst of the chaos. Some will be overcome by fear and begin to fight and steal for what they need to survive-- every man for himself!

What if we take seriously the threat of an imminent attack on our soil and prepare for our survival and prepare enough to help our neighbors? What if places of worship planned ahead to assist those around them in need? Remember, there would be no traveling to the store or to your friend’s or relative’s house across town or down the highway. It would be just you and your neighbors trying to survive.

People of faith must prepare, not in fear, but in faith and confidence that God will be with us. We must remember our great Biblical examples of Noah who prepared and saved his family, and Joseph who helped an entire country prepare for hard times. In fact, Joseph’s leadership in preparation enabled an entire region of the world to survive.

As people of faith in this day, perhaps we have been chosen for “such a time as this” to preserve a people for His Kingdom, to share the love of God to a lost world, and to fulfill His purposes in these last days.

Please consider attending a conference entitled Terrorism Preparation and Disaster Relief on September 7, 2008 at Central Community Church, 300 Tucker Lane, Cocoa FL 32922. There is a $10.00 fee to cover costs. Please contact [email protected] to pre-register because seating is limited.

May we be found faithful until Messiah comes.

Vicki Stoughton and Kathy Mardirosian, Volunteers and Members of Space Coast Chapter, American Congress for Truth (A.C.T.)