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When questions were raised about a history book that devotes over 36 pages to Islam and several paragraphs to Judaism and Christianity, Matt Reed of Florida Today wrote an article that appeared in the Sunday, edition on July 28, 2013. The article did not really address the content issue but rather took the tone of demeaning the concern. There are a couple of links that will allow you to read about this issue from other's perspectives. There's much more on the internet if you wish to research this yourself. A timely response is most effective.  

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The Washington Times

The Daily Caller

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Roger's Letter on behalf of ACT! of the Space Coast

"Brainwashed toward Islam?" - I suggest you are, Mr. Reed! Your comment that the Citizens for National Security and the ACT! Space Coast chapter of ACT! for America are more interested in discrediting Islam than teaching kids how terrorists got away is not only erroneous, but totally ignorant of what either of these two groups stand for. You fail to mention in your public rant that ACT! Space Coast chapter has recently hosted TWO prominent, nationally known and recognized devout Muslims to speak at our meetings and they were each received with politeness and interest in their presentations. We do NOT oppose or hate Muslims - We oppose the Islamic supremacist ideology and The Muslim Brotherhood goal, which specifically states; "The process of settlement is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process’ with all the word means.

I have repeatedly offered to sit with you over a friendly cup of coffee, to clarify our concerns on this subject and your confusion. You have rejected such a meeting, preferring to define us in your own closed-minded ignorance. I challenge you again, Mr. Reed, this time to a public discussion on this subject. Bring your favorite Islamic expert and I will bring mine. Let's see who has been brainwashed. If you refuse, again, you're just a coward with a typewriter and paper that permits you to spew lies.

Roger GangitanoACT! for America Space Coast Chapter Lead


The United West Representative

Tony Verzi's Letter

Brainwashed toward Islam? The Prentice Hall World History book truly has a strong bias in favor of Islam. How can a book discussing the impact World Religions have had on history be fair and objective if it devotes 36 pages toward Islam and several paragraphs to Judaism and Christianity? Judaism and Christianity have impacted cultures and history for approximately 2-6 millennium and Islam less than 1,400 years. It would have at least made some sense if they all had the same amount of content in describing their impact on the World. However, the age of each religion alone confirms the bias as the focus was in complete reverse giving the most space to the newest of the three religions. As always, Matt, you don't want to be confused by the facts.

Anthony J. Verzi