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Shariah Law for Non-MuslimsWOMEN—CHAPTER 3

Sharia laws concerning women is the rule of law in Islamic families.Islam was the first civilization to provide and guarantee women's rights.Mohammed gave the world the perfect example of how women are protected in Islam.Muslim women are treasured and as treasures must be protected from the evils of the kafir world.The rights of Muslim women come from Allah.THE SHARIA: Sharia law has different laws for different groups of people. Women are one of its special classes.Wife Beating Islam's grand vision about women is given in one verse of the Koran: Koran 4:34 Allah has made men superior to women because men spend their wealth to support them. Therefore, virtuous women are obedient, and they are to guard their unseen parts as Allah has guarded them. As for women whom you fear will rebel, admonish them first, and then send them to a separate bed, and then beat them. But if they are obedient after that, then do nothing further; surely Allah is exalted and great!THE SHARIA: dealing with a rebellious wife m10.12 When a husband notices signs of rebelliousness in his wife whether in words as when she answers him coldly when she used to do so politely, or he asks her to come to bed and she refuses, contrary to her usual habit; or whether in acts, as when he finds her averse to him when she was previously kind and cheerful, he warns her in words without keeping from her or hitting her, for it may be that she has an excuse.The warning could be to tell her, "Fear Allah concerning the rights you owe to me," or it could be to explain that rebelliousness nullifies his obligation to support her and give her a turn amongst other wives, or it could be to inform her, "Your obeying me is religiously obligatory". If she commits rebelliousness, he keeps from sleeping (having sex) with her and refuses to speak to her, and may hit her, but not in a way that injures her, meaning he may not bruise her, break bones, wound her, or cause blood to flow. It is unlawful to strike another's face. He may hit her whether she is rebellious only once or whether more than once, though a weaker opinion holds that he may not hit her unless there is repeated rebelliousness. Ishaq969 He [Mohammed] also told them men had rights over their wives and women had rights over their husbands. The wives were never to commit adultery or act in a sexual manner toward others. If they did, they were to be put in separate rooms and beaten lightly. If they refrained from what was forbidden, they had the right to food and clothing. Men were to lay injunctions on women lightly for they were prisoners of men and had no control over their persons.[Abu Dawud 11, 2142] Mohammed said: A man will not be asked as to why he beat his wife. [Bukhari 7,62,132] The Prophet said, "None of you should flog his wife as he flogs a slave and then have sexual intercourse with her in the last part of the day." Most of those in Hell will be women.THE DOCTRINE OF WOMEN There are many ways in which the woman does not have full stature in Sharia law: 022.1 The necessary qualifications for being an Islamic judge are: (a) to be a male freeman […]04.9 The indemnity for the death or injury of a woman is one-half the indemnity paid for a man. [Bukhari 3,48,826] Mohammed asked, "Is not the value of a woman's eye-witness testimony half that of a man's?" A woman said, "Yes." He said, "That is because a woman's mind is deficient."L10.3 They divide the universal share so that the male receives the por-tion of two females.Koran 4:11 It is in this manner that Allah commands you concerning your children: A male should receive a share equal to that of two fe-males, [...]This hadith equates camels, slaves and women.[Abu Dawud 11, 2155] Mohammed said: If one of you marries a woman or buys a slave, he should say: "O Allah, I ask You for the good in her, and in the disposition You have given her; I take refuge in You from the evil in her, and in the disposition You have given her." When he buys a camel, he should take hold of the top of its hump and say the same kind of thing. Women are inferior to men in intelligence and religion.[Bukhari 1,6,301] While on his way to pray, Mohammed passed a group of women and he said, "Ladies, give to charities and donate money to the unfortunate, because I have witnessed that most of the people in Hell are women. They asked, "Why is that?" He answered, "You swear too much, and you show no grati-tude to your husbands. I have never come across anyone more lacking in intelligence, or ignorant of their religion than women. A careful and intelligent man could be misled by many of you." They responded, "What exactly are we lacking in intelligence or faith?" Mohammed said, "Is it not true that the testimony of one man is the equal to the testimony of two women?" After they affirmed that this was true, Mohammed said, "That illustrates that women are lacking in intelligence. Is it not also true that women may not pray nor fast during their men-strual cycle?" They said that this was alsotrue. Mohammed then said, "That illustrates that women are lack-ing in their religion."A woman's testimony is worth half that of a man. Koran 2:282 Believers! When you contract a loan for a certain period, write it down, or to be fair, let a scribe write it down. The scribe should not re-fuse to write as Allah has taught him; therefore, let the scribe record what the debtor dictates being mindful of his duty to Allah and not re-ducing the amount he owes. If the debtor is ignorant and unable to dic-tate, let his guardian do so with fairness. Call two men in to witness this, but if two men cannot be found, then call one man and two women whom you see fit to be witnesses. Therefore, if either woman makes an error, the other can correct her [...]FEMAL GENITAL MUTILATION, FEMALE CIRCUMCISION It is unfortunate that the term circumcision is applied to both the re-moval of the foreskin of the male and the removal of the clitoris of the woman. There is no comparison. [Bukhari 7,72,779] Mohammed said, "Five practices are characteristics of the ancient prophets: circumcision, shaving the pubic hair, cutting the moustaches short, clipping the nails, and depilating the hair of the armpits." This hadith refers to the circumcision of female genitalia. It assumes that both the man and the woman are circumcised. [Muslim 003,0684] [...] Abu Musa then said, "When is a bath obligatory?" Aisha responded, "You have asked the right person. Mohammed has said that a bath is obligatory when a man is encompassed by a woman and their circumcised genitalia touch."Circumcision is part of the Sharia law. Here is the deceptive translation:e4.3 Circumcision is obligatory for both men and women. For men it consists of removing the prepuce from the penis, and for women, removing the prepuce of the clitoris (not the clitoris itself, as some mistakenly assert).However what the Arabic actually says is:e4.3 Circumcision is obligatory (for every male and female) by cutting off the piece of skin on the glans of the penis of the male, but circumcision of the female is by cutting out the clitoris (this is called Hufaad)."This deceptive translation obscures the Sharia law. This deception is called taqiyya, a form of sacred deception. At the battle of Badr, we have a reference to the custom of removing the clitoris. Ishaq 564 Hamza said, 'Come here, you son of a female circumciser.' Now his mother was Umm Anmar, a female circumciser (one who circumcised girls) in Mecca. Then Hamza smote him and killed him.o12.0 THE PENALTY FOR FORNICATIONo12.6 If the penalty is stoning, they are to be stoned, no matter the weather, or if they are ill. A pregnant woman is not stoned until she gives birth and the child does not need to nurse.[Muslim 017, 4206] ... There came to Mohammed a woman who said: Allah's Messenger, I have committed adultery, [...] When she was delivered she came with the child (wrapped) in a rag and said: Here is the child whom I have given birth to. He said: Go away and suckle him until you wean him. When she had weaned him, she came to him with the child who was hold-ing a piece of bread in his hand. She said: Allah's Apostle, here is he as I have weaned him and he eats food. He entrusted the child to one of the Muslims and then pronounced punishment. And she was put in a ditch up to her chest and he commanded people and they stoned her. ...HONOR KILLING Honor killing is not directly included in Sharia doctrine. Sharia dictates that a woman is inferior to the male and allows beatings to enforce the rule of the male, but it does not accord honor killing a legal status. However, there is no penalty for killing an adulterer: o5.4 There is no expiation for killing someone who has left Islam, a highwayman or a convicted married adulterer... e12.8 ... unworthy (those who may be killed) includes ... convicted mar-ried adulterers...This seems to include equal penalties for both men and women, how-ever, a man has many legal ways to have sex, while the woman is strictly limited to her husband alone. Hence, the woman is much more likely to be killed. The man rules the woman, and his status in the community depends upon how his women conduct themselves. Ghira is sacred jealousy, even Allah has ghira. Ghira is also self-respect and is the basis of honor killings. Notice that in this hadith Saed's threat to kill a man with his wife is not condemned, but supported. Violence in defense of a Muslim's ghira is pure Islam. [Bukhari 8,82,829; Bukhari 9,93,512] Saed bin Ubada said, "If I saw a man with my wife, I would strike him with the blade of my sword." This news reached Mohammed, who then said, "You people are astonished at Saed's ghira (self-respect). By Al-lah, I have more ghira than he, and Allah has more ghira than I, and because of Allah's ghira, He has made unlawful shameful deeds and sins done in open and in secret. [...]Most honor killings come from Islamic societies. Bill Warner, Center for the Study of Political Islam Permalink copyright (c) CBSX, LLC Use and distribute as you wish; do not edit and give us credit.