ACT! for America

Space Coast Chapter

Act! for America is working very hard behind the scenes urging our Legislators and Politicians to legally stem the rising tide of Islamofascism in America. 

And it will take the will and the voice a united America to more strongly urge our Leaders to take the necessary action that will make a difference in Washington, and at the State and Local levels. 

Unite with America, and make YOUR voice heard! Please examine the following Petitions, and read and sign the Petitions that will be presented to the proper entities and authorities that have the ability to protect and enforce our Constitution.

The focus of the Merritt Island Chapter this month is upon getting as many signatures as possible on the Petition Calling for Congressional Hearings to Review Radical Islamist Materials Distributed in American Mosques . Click on the above underlined text to take you right to the Petitions Page.

Thank you!