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Following are a few of the main Arabic words for certain principles used by militant Islam to train up its troops.


deception, allowable and considered skillful in Islamic life and


2. hijra

immigration, the first essential step to taking over the host


3. jihad

waging war, paired with Hijra, to Islamise the host community

4. tay'seer

lightening the burden, used to entice new converts to work for


5. darura'

necessity, meaning it is permissible to act as the situation


6. tamkeen

empowerment, also strengthening, of the individual Islamic


7. i'dad

preparation or readying, of material, etc., always paired with


8. muda'rat

flattery, trickery, a Sunni doctrine and a widely used form of


9. hijab

the veil, an in your face tactic to discourage/condition the host

to Islam

10. shariah

Islamic law, aimed at impacting the host society, forcing


11. ibadat

religious observances, useful for the silent imposition of Islam

12. l'htiraz

precautionary principle, be untrusting in all of life especially


13. kafir

those who do not follow Mohammed, the lowest and worst

form of life

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