ACT! for America

Space Coast Chapter

ACTion Teams

Which Team would you like to be on?

Team #1: We need to reach out to form Educational Coalitions with Masonic Lodges, Shrine Clubs, Lions Clubs, Rotary, Moose, political organizations, and constitution loving groups, John Locke Foundation, Civitas International, Eagle Forum, Elk Clubs, Churches, Synagogues, etc. In case you did not know it, they are targets of Hamas for destruction. Read the Hamas Charter or Hamas Covenant 1988.

Team #2: We need to reach out to our retired folks, especially retired firefighters, police, etc. It would help if those still serving were also contacted. Who would like to contact these fine folks?

Team #3: We need a Media Group willing to reach out to our media folks, write short articles, etc. We must reach out to these folks and explain what is happening.

Team #4: Form a Speaker’s Bureau of those willing to speak out.

Team #5: A Political Team made up of local, county, and federal legislators willing to help lead our efforts.

Team #6: Do you like to read books? Do you like to investigate? We need a Literary Team to research for and sniff out the books and magazines and multi-media materials in our public libraries and school system that are anti-American and that promote Jihad and Shariah law in our country. Notify Library and School Administrators to remove them, and notify ACT! Leadership for further act!on to be taken.

Join a Team, or do it on your own...either one is far better than resting on your laurels and watching our Country and our Constitution be systematically attacked and undermined by Islamofascism.


And you don't have to wait for someone to hold your hand and tell you what to do...


And KEEP doing it!

And teach OTHERS to do it.

The time to take action is NOW!

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